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Valve seat and guide machining

Rottler SG7 seat and guide machine capable of 3,5,7 angle and full radius seat form cutting The key to accurate valve sealing is a perfectly concentric seat cut. Concentricity of valve seats also equates to longer valve guide life becuase if the the seat isn't concentric the valve will touchdown on the seat at an angle and will apply side pressure to the valve guide causing premature wear and leaky valve guides and loss of horsepower. The rottler machine is the same equipment I used up in oregon at Motoczysz for the GP motors, and the results of the machine are accurate and precise

old original steel seats are bored out of heads

freshly bored seat pockets

2mm oversized bronze intake seats and beryllium exhaust seats ready to install

new seats pressed into pockets

final valve angles cut and ports matched to oversized seats

The heads above are stock 999 heads that are being converted over to Titanium valves. The purpose of beryllium exhaust seats is that the copper beryllium acts as a heat sink and absords heat off the exhaust valve and also is a softer material than the stock steel seats, so a Titanium valve will have a longer life span when hitting the seat from opening and closing millions of times. Bronze is used on the intake side soley becuase of temperature differences. Intake valves run cooler than exhaust so a less exotic material is acceptable for the the seat material, but it still needs to be able to absord the shock of the valve so this also helps in longevity of the valve.

Valves, seats, and guides can be made custom for any heads in oversizes and out of stock steel material or exotic metals like Titanium and beryllium


People we do cranks for:
desmoto san francisco
larry pegram racing AMA superbike
melilmoto ducati ocala florida
moto corsa ducati portland oregon (Portland rocks! keep it weird)

motoczysz, i worked for these guys, good luck michael!

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