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I've raced with the MRA in colorado since 1997, during that time, I've various versions of ducatis ranging from 748,853,955,996,748R,996R,999,999R, a 998RS and currently a 999R motor stroked out to a 1076.

During the 2006/2007 years I was the MRA's vice president of Rules and Tech and it was my job to do all technical inspections and safety inspections of the entire clubs race bikes.

In 2008 I won a top 10 number plate in the MRA's "Race of the Rockies" class, this is the MRA's premier open superbike class(run what you brung) where the the best riders in this region of the country compete against each other.

Over the years I have had numerous race wins in the Twins classes on my Ducatis and have many top 3 season championship finishes in the the twins classes.

In 2000 I raced the AMA Pro Thunder race at PPIR and finished 7th.

In 2001 Shane Turpin rode one of my Ducatis in AMA Pro Thunder at PPIR and finished 4th.


People we do cranks for:
desmoto san francisco
larry pegram racing AMA superbike
melilmoto ducati ocala florida
moto corsa ducati portland oregon (Portland rocks! keep it weird)

motoczysz, i worked for these guys, good luck michael!

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