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Ducati Crankshaft Balancing

Stage 1: Rebalance stock crank for aftermarket pistons and rods - $249

Stage 2: Knife edge, polish, and balance - $549

Stage 3: Lighten, knife edge, polish and balance - $799,

SPS/R conversion: Take your stock crank and Lighten, polish and balance - $599
Your stock 748/9xx/10xx crank will come back looking like the crank that's been converted in the pic above

Carrillo Rods: lighter/stronger than stock rods - $725

4 cylinder cranks - Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki - Balance only 4 cyl - $249

SV650 pictured above with our "SPS" conversion, lightened, balanced, polished - $599

TL1000, SV650, RC51 - Balance only - $249

Our Stage 2 and 3 type services are also available for TL's SV's and RC51's - call for pricing

Some crankshafts will require the installation of heavy metal weights for proper balance - Machine time and charges for heavy metal are extra

We repair damaged Ducati Crankshafts that have spun rod bearings, this service ranges in cost from $499-$1200 depending upon damage and type of crank, it includes nitriding the crankshaft (heat treat the journal after repair to return to factory hardness, this increases the journals lifespan) We also repair the con rods that have spun bearings, most all damaged rods can be repaired for $100 all repairs are perfectly acceptable for street and race applications. 99% of all damaged/spun rod cranks can be repaired. Please call for specific questions

1098R crankshaft pics:


People we do cranks for:
desmoto san francisco
melilmoto ducati ocala florida
moto corsa ducati portland oregon (Portland rocks! keep it weird)
motoczysz, i worked for these guys, good luck michael!

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